I began writing in May 2019.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the following books traditionally published and available for purchase worldwide.

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Hamza and Aliya enjoy adventures in the kitchen with their Mama. But when Mama falls asleep one Ramadhan evening, without making desert for the trays to be distributed to their neighbors, the kids call Nani and prepare a no-bake treat

Join Hamza and his pet cat, Makhan as they tour through Pakistan, enjoying local delicacies, meeting iconic figures and appreciating the arts and culture of every region

Hamza’s Pyjama Promise

Hamza’s Pyjama Promise is a spin-off of the classic, The Day the Crayons Quit. Based on verse 65 of Surah Yasin, Hamza’s body parts are upset about how he is using them- they write letters to him and complain about it. A book on mindfulness through Wudhu

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