Serious Writer Superpowers

When I began writing, one thing I realized pretty early on, was the amount of patience and perseverance needed to succeed.

Over and over, I heard podcasts and listened to interviews that resonate one theme-

The ones who succeed are the ones who persevere

-said every author on the block!

I guess this is a constant in every industry. But since writing is a relatively lonely job (unless you are interviewing people for a potential non-fiction project or critiquing work for CPs, or coordinating with your agent or an editor) the need to stay focused is that much more critical.

To stop yourself from refreshing your inbox 2,376,890 times per day, waiting for an email with the words:

I figured it’s time to channel my energy towards something more productive!

I also felt the need to check-in on myself more often- it is easy to fall into Imposter Syndrome when you see only the end product (published books with beautiful lyrical words that seem to have flowed effortlessly and gorgeous illustrations) on social media and in book stores.

The key is to keep up hope, that your efforts will pay off. The waiting can be used productively to improve your craft, further research for another project and keeping faith that things will happen at the right time- your stars will align and everything is unfolding exactly as it should!

So the 3 superpowers every writer must have are:

1. Patience

2. Perseverance

3. Hope

Good things are coming!

Do you have superpowers you uncovered when you began writing?

Share your tips on how you developed them over the course of your writing journey.

Happy writing!

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