Best Advice for Writers

There are days in the life of a writer when inspiration is hard to come by…

Too much landry

There will be too much laundry, too many dishes, the fridge will fuse or your creative brain cells will just not be making enough connections for you to churn out even a single word!

Too much happening to write.

The clock won’t stop ticking- and before you know it, you fall into a spiral of self-doubt, little inspiration and mounting anxiety. And then, Writers’ Imposter Syndrome will set in.

Tunnel Vision

You will view all the book launches happening around you as a distant dream and forget about all the work that went into those writer’s getting published!

That is the time to stop with the self-pity and log off from social media! Immerse yourself in courses, reading and working on that manuscript that isn’t coming together- just get your thoughts onto the page- dump them there and move on to another idea.

The only writer’s who get published, are the ones who persevere

But just keep at it!

Think of your daily writing and drafts as exercise- not every workout shows results, but it all contributes to a healthy life-style, developing and sustaining a habit that will benefit your body for years to come.

In the same way, writing, even dumping thoughts, is akin to exercise for sustained brain creativity.

Hoping I too remember this in times when I need to push forward!

Happy Writing!

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